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TBG Joins Sprinklr

CEO Simon Mansell discusses Sprinklr’s acquisition of TBG.

This Week in Social 01/08/14

Posted by:Genna AlTai, Executive Content Manager

Internet.Org has arrived

The much anticipated Internet.Org is now available in Zambia, which will allow users free access to popular sites like Facebook, Google and Wikipedia. Where in the world will they take it next?

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The three golden rules of social customer services

Posted by: Bianca Ohannessian, Senior Content Manager

Social media is one of the most effective ways for consumers to get a brand’s attention, and so community managers are often left to fight off mildly irritated or fiercely infuriated customers on the front-line. I’ve been there, and it’s a dark, dark place. It’s often the more creative complaints that get the most attention and therefore get resolved the quickest. Equally, some of the more unconventional brand responses are the real winners that can turn a potential PR disaster into a triumph.

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Facebook: video ads get a revamp and… is News Feed shopping actually happening?

Posted by: Jamie O’Brien, Social Editor

New capabilities for Facebook’s video ads

Facebook wants to be a branding platform on a par with TV and its video ads are a big part of this. Launched
in March, its Premium Video Ads are bought and measured in the same way as traditional TV ads, making it as easy as possible for brands to move some of their TV budget over to Facebook.

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It’s finally here: buy ads by reach and frequency on Facebook

Posted by: Jamie O’Brien, Social Editor

All managed Facebook clients can now buy ads on Facebook by reach and Frequency. This is important news for many of our clients who have been requesting this capability for a long time.

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Memes, Teens and Tumblr

Posted by: Maria Rejowicz-Quaid, Senior Social Insights Analyst

Social media was created by teens for teens—Mark Zuckerburg was only 19 when he started Facebook and similarly youthful entrepreneurs have created many other apps and platforms. Facebook was originally dominated by a young audience, but as it has matured, its audience has too. While the vast majority of teens are still using Facebook, it isn’t a place where they can be themselves.

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The power of the IAMA

Posted by: Andy Cooper, Head of Content

Of all the social networks & sites brands are familiar with using, Reddit is probably quite low down the list. Reasons for this are numerous – there’s little data or advertising to be taken from the site, it’s not a place for an ongoing branded presence, and its users are notoriously hostile to any bullishly heavy-handed marketing.

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This Week in Social 11/07/14

Posted by:Genna AlTai, Executive Content Manager

Did Facebook Paper deliver the goods?

Paper kicked off to some rave reviews. The Verge even called it the “best Facebook app ever”, but how’s it doing now? Find out on Inside Social.

The evolution of photo apps

What would social media be without imagery? Our Senior Content Manager takes a look at the evolution of photography apps and how it’s affected social.

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